How We Can Help

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How We Can Help

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Funeral arrangements are personal and special for each family. Simply let us know of your preferences and wishes regarding the funeral service and burial or cremation options. Your decision and special arrangements will help your family by relieving the burden of decision making at a very emotional and stressful time.

Special Ways We Can Serve You

  • At Need Arrangements
  • Pre-Arrangement Planning
  • Cemetery Requirements
  • Veterans Benefits
  • Social Security benefits
  • Cemetery markers or monuments
  • Cremation options
  • What to do when a death occurs out of town
  • Funeral expenses and payment options
  • Price Sensitive Alternatives
  • Protecting pre-arranged funeral funds from welfare and nursing home care costs/Funeral/Memorial Trust Plans
  • Out of Town arrangements


Planning in advance is important to consider for many reasons. For the same reasons you write a will, plan for retirement, or buy life insurance, you will be offering your family the opportunity to know of your wishes. Making personal choices in advance alleviates a great deal of stress for family members who may feel overwhelmed by the many decisions needed at the time of a death. Pre-planning gives you the option to include finer details of the arrangements providing an opportunity to create meaningful memories for those who remain. Whether it be a favorite song, a special poem or an encouraging quote, your specially planned service can provide strength when it is needed most.

Funeral/Memorial Trust Plans

The first step is to express your wishes. There are several options available to you depending on your needs and available funds. We will go over these options with you and help you choose the funding method most suited to your situation, which will best cover the costs of your funeral. You can do as much or as little planning as you wish. There is no obligation. The money may be invested in an FDIC insured local band certificate of deposit, or in a quality rated insurance annuity or trust. This will assure that the funds will be there at the time that the expenses are incurred. By paying for the service you can protect your assets from future unexpected expenses and may qualify for Medicaid or SSI benefits.


Cremation is, in fact, only one element in a series of events. It is a process in which the body is prepared for final disposition. Those who prefer cremation still have many choices with which to create a meaningful ceremony. Optional services or ceremonies may precede or follow the actual cremation. Our affiliated crematory allows us to specialize in cremation and alternative services and bring that option of cremation directly to our families.

Price Sensitivity

Our careful planning has increased our ability to provide price sensitive options. Whether you prefer a customary funeral service, a simple, intimate memorial, or a casual, alternative gathering, your family will receive the same high quality personalized service. We offer a full range of options and would be pleased to provide information for your consideration. We are committed to offering service and price options that are affordable for every family.